About Cassandra Caldarella

Reporting since 2003, Cassandra Caldarella is an experienced court reporter who specializes in the courtroom arena.  She has reported in court for over twelve years as an official and official pro tempore for three counties – Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego County Superior Courts. She is an ex-official of Los Angeles Superior Court and Orange County Superior Court where she reported hundreds of trials in civil, criminal, family, criminal, and probate courtrooms. She was on the court approved lists for Los Angeles Superior Court and Orange County Superior Court. Since the privatization of court reporters in civil court in LA Superior Court in 2012, Cassandra reported more than 150 civil trials, including high-profile cases, asbestos, toxic tort, medical malpractice, wrongful death, employment cases, and more, and she has successfully completed hundreds of appeals.

Her philosophy is very simple – produce the most accurate record possible, deliver services with professionalism, and treat each customer with unbiased equality.

Cassandra embraces the New England Puritan values of her forefathers, the very values that provide a firm foundation for American Democracy. She is proud of her lineage which is traced back to 15 of the Mayflower families, including Captain Miles Standish, Priscilla Mullins, William Brewster, John Alden, and John Carver. Cassandra’s pedigree is further bolstered by Presidents John Quincy Adams and John Adams, her 4th Great Grand Uncle. She is related to poet William Wadsworth Longfellow. And in most recent history, she is the fifth cousin to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis through her grandmother.

Cassandra’s Puritan Values:

Hard Work

Respect for authority




Patriotism & Loyalty

Responsibility for one’s own work

Respect for the rights and property of others

Obeying Rules & Regulations



Striving for Personal Achievement

While the reporting world today may seem cluttered with relative values, Cassandra Caldarella still thrives on the steadfast values of her ancestors and they are the values that she lives by today. Cassandra strives to write the cleanest realtime, proofread it to perfection, and have it hit the consumers’ desk (or iPad) as quickly and as perfectly as possible, even if it means delivering it personally.